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If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident contact the Southbury law office of Buckley Wynne & Parese. We have years of experience handling pedestrian accident cases in Southbury and throughout Connecticut.

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“CNN, in conjunction with Governors Highway Safety Association, reports that 2018 was projected to have been the deadliest for pedestrians in the United States since the 1990s.”

Source: CNN

Most Common Places Pedestrian Accidents Occur

Whether we are outside walking, standing, or riding a bike, all of us are pedestrians at some point during each day. As pedestrians in Southbury, we are more vulnerable and susceptible to some of the gravest dangers on the road. And unfortunately, injuries involving pedestrians are often devastating.

Here are BWP, we understand that traumatic injuries can have a profound effect on one’s family. If you or a family member were a pedestrian injured by a car, truck, or motorcycle, call Buckley Wynne & Parese today. We endeavor to use all of our attention and resources towards helping you and your family get back on your feet.

U.S. Department of Transportation: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Traffic Safety Facts

  • In 2017, 5,977 pedestrians were killed, a 1.7% decrease from 2016
  • In 2016, more than two-thirds of pedestrians killed in traffic crashes were males
  • The most pedestrian fatalities occur between 6 and 9 in the evening

 Source: U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Watch for Me CT

In order to reduce the number of pedestrians, including bicyclists, hit and injured by vehicles in Southbury Connecticut, the CT Department of Transportation and the CT Children’s Injury Prevention Center have partnered to develop the program, Watch for Me CT. This campaign realizes that the public can help to alleviate the 2,000+ pedestrians hit by a car in Connecticut each year. Watch for Me CT has compiled the following research:

  • Pedestrian crashes are more likely to occur on a weekday as opposed to a weekend
  • Pedestrian accidents are more common in the Fall and Winter than in the Spring and Summer
  • More than half of accidents involving bicyclists occur in late Spring and Summer (May through September)

For more information on Watch For Me CT, please visit their website www.watchformect.org

Pedestrian Laws in the State of Connecticut

Connecticut is one of 41 states in which it is required for drivers to yield to pedestrians. And since 1929, pedestrians, by law, have had the right of way at crosswalks. Here are some rules to be mindful of:

  • Should a pedestrian step to a curb, enter a crosswalk or have already started to cross, a driver must yield to him or her
  • Each intersection in Connecticut is considered to have a crosswalk, regardless of whether it is marked 
  • Pedestrians have the right of way over turning traffic
  • Pedestrians are required to use marked or unmarked crosswalks when they are provided. Pedestrians must yield to drivers when he or she is not using a crosswalk
  • Pedestrians should use sidewalks when they are available. In such cases where they are not, pedestrians should walk in the opposite direction of traffic
  • A driver who fails to yield to a school’s crossing guard can be fined $450 for its first offense

Looking for a Pedestrian Accidents Attorney in Southbury, CT? Buckley Wynne & Parese Can Help 

The losses from injuries and damages sustained in accidents in Southbury involving pedestrians are often catastrophic. It is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible. Below are some areas in which we can help you and your family recover.

  • Medical and Financial Costs and Burdens
  • Lost Wages and Impaired Earnings
  • Non-Economic Damages which includes pain and anguish and mental suffering
  • Recovery and Replacement of Property Damage
  • Out of Pocket or Miscellaneous Expenses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay legal fees out of my pocket?

No. Your legal fees are paid on a contingency fee basis unless otherwise specified. That means that we are not paid unless we recover compensation for you.

What should I do if I’m involved in a traffic accident?

Once it is safe to do so, you should attempt to document the entire situation by taking photographs and careful notes. Having notes to remind you of all the details of what happened, and what you went through, is far easier and far more accurate than relying on your memory.

Write things down as soon as you can: begin with what you were doing and where you were going, the people you were with, the time and the weather. Include every detail of what you saw, heard and felt. Be sure to add anything you remember hearing anyone — a person involved in the accident or a witness — say about the accident.

Finally, make daily notes of the effects of your injuries. You may suffer pain, discomfort, anxiety, loss of sleep or other problems you are experiencing. These notes can be very useful two or six or ten months later, when you put together all the important facts into a final demand for compensation.

*For more information on your rights and responsibilities after an accident, see: Motor Vehicle Rights and Responsibilities.

What determines who is responsible for a traffic accident?

Figuring out who is at fault in a traffic accident is a matter of deciding who was careless. For vehicle accidents, there is a set of official written rules telling people how they are supposed to drive and providing guidelines by which liability may be measured. These rules of the road are the traffic laws everyone must follow.

Sometimes a violation of one of these traffic rules is obvious and was clearly the cause of an accident — for example, when one driver runs a stop sign and crashes into another. In other situations, whether or not there was a violation will be less obvious. A common example is a crash that occurs when drivers merge into a single lane of traffic.

Sometimes, the ultimate determination of who should be responsible is left up to the fact finder or jury.

Who Pays For My Medical Treatment?

The law in Connecticut requires that you initially pay for your medical treatment. It is a common misconception that the at-fault driver will pay for your medical treatment. This often leads to frustration. We will do everything we can to help you manage your options, but please note: we are not allowed by law to pay your medical bills. If you had medical treatment (e.g. ambulance, hospital evaluation) and have no insurance or ability to pay for that treatment, the provider may send the bill to collection. While we may send letters to medical providers offering to protect their bills, many providers will not agree to such an arrangement (see discussion below). Unfortunately, we cannot stop a collection action or pay your bills. If you are receiving collection letters or outstanding bills, please contact us to discuss your options in more detail.

There are essentially five ways for your medical bills to be paid and there often is priority under the law. Therefore, be sure we are aware of any and all of the following:

Workers Compensation
If you were on the job at the time of the incident.

Medical payments (“Med Pay”) coverage on your auto policy
If you have Med Pay coverage on your auto policy, or you were a passenger in a car that had Med Pay coverage, you should use this coverage to pay your bills, even if you have health insurance. Med Pay will pay up to its limits, after which point your bills should be paid through one of the three remaining sources.

Health Insurance & Medicare/Medicaid
Generally, your health insurance will not cover your accident related bills unless and until you can prove that you do not have Med Pay. We will help you secure a “No Med Pay Letter” when appropriate.

Letter of Protection
Under certain circumstances, when someone else caused an accident, and you do not have Med Pay or health insurance, some doctors will accept a Letter of Protection from our office. This obligates our office to reimburse your doctor from the proceeds of your lawsuit settlement or judgment. Because payment is not guaranteed and will be delayed until the resolution of the case, many doctors will not agree to do this.

The final way to pay your medical bills is out-of-pocket. Please be sure to keep track of everything you have paid. All reasonable and necessary out-of-pocket losses should be recorded and provided to us.

Who Pays For Damages On My Vehicle?

Ideally, the at-fault party’s insurance company will pay for repairing your vehicle. Sometimes, liability is not accepted, however, and it is easier and quicker to pursue a damage claim under your own insurance coverage.

Am I entitled to a rental vehicle while my car is being repaired?

Yes. In Connecticut, you are entitled to Loss of Use, which includes either a rental vehicle or the value of a comparable rental vehicle. For more on your rights, see Motor Vehicle Rights and Responsibilities.

What if the party at fault has no insurance? Can I still pursue an injury claim?

You can pursue an uninsured or underinsured motorist (“UM” or “UIM”) claim under your own auto insurance policy. This insurance coverage applies if you have been hit by an uninsured driver or where the coverage of the at-fault driver is insufficient to pay for your damages. “UM” and “UIM” coverage is mandated by law. You should consult with an attorney before filing a claim.

Who pays repair costs and the costs of a rental car?

The accident was my fault-

When you caused the accident, you are responsible for repairing your own vehicle and the other vehicle that you damaged.  Assuming you are insured, your company will pay for the damages to the other vehicle up to your policy limits. If you have “collision coverage” under your policy, you will also be covered for repairs to your vehicle up to the amount of your coverage.  You will likely have a deductible of $500 or $1,000.  You should not have to pay more than your deductible if you have full collision coverage. When you caused the accident, your right to a rental car is subject to the terms of your insurance policy.  If you purchased rental reimbursement coverage, you will be covered for a rental car.  Most insurers can set up direct billing with the rental car company.  Check with your insurance company or insurance agent regarding your coverage. 

The accident was not my fault-

If someone else caused the accident, that person’s insurance company (if the other person is insured) should pay for the cost of repairs.  You should not have to pay for anything.  You are entitled to take the vehicle to a repair shop of your choice for repairs.  If you were injured, you should consult with an attorney before communicating with the at-fault driver’s insurance company about repairs. If the other person was not insured but was at fault, you should use your own insurance.  Your company will later undertake efforts to get its money back through a process known as subrogation.

What’s the difference between OEM, Aftermarket and Recycled Parts?

“OEM” parts are new parts made by the original manufacturer of your vehicle. “Aftermarket” parts are new parts that are not manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. “Recycled” parts, sometimes referred to as salvage, reconditioned or used parts, are frequently obtained from auto recyclers or junkyards and can be either OEM or non-OEM parts. “Recycled” or “Non-OEM” parts may be used for repair work, but you should be notified of that fact in the repair estimate. Independent repairers often argue against the use of certain recycled and aftermarket parts on the grounds that they are not as dependable or safe as OEM parts.  Make sure to talk to your repairer about whether recycled or aftermarket parts are being used and how they could affect the safety of your repair.

Insurance FAQs

I wasn't at fault, but had to use my own insurance. Can we get that money back?

After your insurance company pays for your repairs, it will likely seek reimbursement through a process known as “subrogation”.  In a subrogation claim, the insurance company essentially steps into your shoes and brings a claim against the other driver in an effort to get its money back.  If successful, your insurance company will be reimbursed and you should also be reimbursed for your deductible. In some accidents, fault is uncertain.  In other words, both parties may share in the responsibility.  Thus, it may be found that one party is 80% responsible and the other is 20% responsible.  If this happens, damages will be apportioned accordingly. If you paid for your own damages and rental car because you had no collision coverage, you may wish to bring a claim against the at fault party for reimbursement.  For more information on this process, consult with an attorney.  

Will my rates go up?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding premium calculations.  In general, if you cause your insurance company to make payment on your behalf because of an accident you were responsible for causing, there is a chance your rates will go up. If, on the other hand, your insurance company has to pay you on your policy because of the other party’s negligence (i.e. Med-Pay claim or UM/UIM), your rates will not likely go up. For specific guidance regarding your policy, contact your insurance agent or representative. 

How do I report a claim?

As soon as practical, you should call your insurance company and report the accident.  You should do this regardless of who was at fault. An agent will likely ask you about what happened, damages to the vehicles and personal injuries. As part of your insurance contract, you have a duty to cooperate with your insurance company.  If you do not cooperate with the reasonable demands of your insurance company, you risk denial of coverage. You have no duty or obligation, however, to speak to the other driver’s insurance company. The other party’s insurance agent may ask you to give a recorded statement.  You should not agree to do this without first speaking to an attorney. 

The Latest News

Buckley Wynne & Parese Recognized in “Best Law Firms” 2024 Rankings as Top Tier Law Firm

Buckley Wynne & Parese Recognized in “Best Law Firms” 2024 Rankings as Top Tier Law Firm

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Buckley Wynne & Parese is pleased to announce that Best Lawyers has nationally ranked the firm in the 14th edition of the U.S. News-Best Lawyers® 2024 publication. The New Haven based law firm was listed among the top metropolitan tier in the “Best Law Firms” awards list for the practice area of personal injury litigation.

Department of Insurance Flubs Opportunity to Protect Consumers. Injustice Prevails.

Department of Insurance Flubs Opportunity to Protect Consumers. Injustice Prevails.

Posted on Aug 28, 2023

This is not the first time our Insurance Department has sought to insulate the insurance industry from legal accountability. I presume the cost benefit analysis is one premised on giving insurance companies greater latitude with regulatory compliance in order to keep jobs here in Connecticut. Whether letting insurers break our laws in order to keep jobs here makes any sense is a political calculation above my paygrade. But seeing it over and over from this side of the table is certainly frustrating.

Attorney John F. Buckley Celebrated in the 30th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America

Attorney John F. Buckley Celebrated in the 30th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America

Posted on Aug 21, 2023

This year's inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America© 2024 particularly commendable, as Best Lawyers conducted a comprehensive peer-review survey with over 13.7 million confidential evaluations. Out of nearly 25,000 voters, Attorney Buckley emerged as a clear leader in his domain. Such an accolade is indicative of the respect and admiration he holds among his peers and underscores his stellar reputation in the industry.

Client Reviews of Our Southbury, CT Personal Injury Attorneys

    Friendly, professional and VERY responsive!

    Friendly, professional and VERY responsive!

    Attorney John Buckley was highly recommended to me by quite a few people and upon my first meeting to discuss my case, I knew immediately that I was in good hands. He took his time to explain everything to me in great detail and stayed in communication throughout my entire case. His staff was also extremely friendly, professional and VERY responsive! I actually never had to reach out about my case because they over-communicated with me from beginning to end. My accident was very unfortunate, but I’m extremely grateful I was working with Attorney Buckley through it all! I highly recommend this law firm!!!

    - Jamie B.

    Respectful, extremely knowledgeable, & understanding

    Respectful, extremely knowledgeable, & understanding

    Recently engaged BWP concerning a motor vehicle accident. From the initial consult, and continuing throughout the entire process, John Parese and the entire staff were respectful, extremely knowledgeable, understanding of my goals and supportive to work towards achieving the best possible outcome. It was a very seamless, friendly relationship and a firm that I would highly recommend to anyone.

    - Robert T.

    Couldn’t have been happier with the services I received!

    Couldn’t have been happier with the services I received!

    I contacted BWP in June 2019, after I was hit by a drunk driver. John Wynne was my attorney. I couldn’t have been happier with the services I received. Everyone I dealt with was very professional and made sure I had all the help I needed. I highly recommend this law firm.

    - Valerie

    Quick and consistent.

    Quick and consistent.

    John Buckley was quick and consistent in relaying information to me regarding litigation, and he and his staff were always very supportive of any requests I made. John’s experience and strategic expertise made the difference in dealing with the insurance company, and we achieved the best possible outcome thanks to his vigilance. Cannot recommend BWP highly enough!

    - Richard

    Thorough, caring, and patient.

    Thorough, caring, and patient.

    I don't have the words to describe how wonderful John Parese was to work with. He took my family and I under his wing during a difficult time. He was by our side for 3 years while I was treated. He was thorough, caring, and patient. He was always there to answer questions and made us feel that he was in our corner. John explained our options and walked us through the process many times. It was WAY outside of my comfort zone to go to litigation, but he believed in me and my case. He was phenomenal in court and I was very proud to be part of his team. We are forever thankful and would recommend him to anyone!

    - The Yanellis

    Kind, patient, honest and extremely knowledgeable.

    Kind, patient, honest and extremely knowledgeable.

    John Parese is an excellent attorney who provided care that was needed at an extremely difficult and a long period of time. He and his team are very dedicated and gave professional guidance in various aspects. I am very grateful for having received a degree of release for the painful accident, and trauma which was unfortunate and terrifying. Mr. Parese is very kind, patient, honest and extremely knowledgeable. I'd highly recommend his help to people in need.

    - Xueping Q.

    Two thumbs up!

    Two thumbs up!

    John Parese is an amazing attorney! He constantly checked in with me to make sure I was feeling better after my accident and gave me updates on where we were in the process. I never doubted that I was in good hands. Thank you John and also to your team! Two thumbs up!

    - Kristen R.

    Wonderful staff.

    Wonderful staff.

    Wonderful staff. They gave the impression that they really care for their clients. I will call on them again if I need in the future.

    - Kelly B.

    Excellent attorney who always fights to protect his clients.

    Excellent attorney who always fights to protect his clients.

    John has assisted me with several issues. He is an excellent attorney who always fights to protect his clients. I was able to recover medically knowing John was fully handling the insurance and issues with my case. I will continue to use him in the future.

    - Danielle Q.

    Very professional and his team is wonderful!

    Very professional and his team is wonderful!

    Attorney Parese helped me with my car accident. He is very professional and his team is wonderful. I highly recommend his services for car accidents!!! Thank you John.

    - Walter P.